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Steady State – A Book Review

I just reviewed a small book by Geoff Mosley, Steady State:  Alternative to Endless Economic Growth.  Envirobook, Canterbury, NSW. RRP $21.95, 136pp, paperback.  The review is for the newsletter of Nature and Society Forum, based in Canberra.

Scarcely a day goes by without news of some loss or degradation:  a new invasive species, a habitat lost to fire or a shopping mall, a disintegrating ice shelf, a corner shop closing, rising obesity, on and on it goes.  Behind much of this bad news is the relentless growth of our economies and populations.  The casualties are in both the natural world and in our  societies, affecting our health, relationships and communities, as I don’t have to remind this audience. Geoff Mosley argues that we must come to grips with economic growth if we are ever to stop the losses.

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