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But How Do We Stop The Growth Machine?

[Published at Post Growth 14th November]

We can’t allow growth to continue forever, simply because the Earth is finite. But can we stop it? And if so how? And anyway, growth of what?

Not only do many people agree we need to change our economic system, many are already doing really good things, like forming cooperatives or firms with a social purpose, promoting repair and recycling, growing healthy local food, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and so on. But all these good efforts struggle against the ever-rising tide of ‘growth’. What if our economic system supported the good things instead of subverting them? Could that be possible?

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Markets versus “Capitalism”

[I have been focussing on developing some models of how money works, after the manner of Steve Keen in The Roving Cavaliers of Debt.  Until I get through that, here’s a vignette.]

One John Poole has been conducting a personal defence of “capitalism” in the Letters section of the Canberra Times.  His argument is basically that markets always sort things out, that a system with markets is, necessarily, “capitalism”, and that anyone who disagrees is a socialist.  Here is my own letter in response.

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