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The Destructiveness of Lies, The Power of Truth

English: Title: Personal photographs of the Ho...

Australian indigenous people: a Chief of Bathurst Island, and friends, 1939. (Personal photographs of C L A Abbott during his term as Administrator of the Northern Territory. Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve had lies on my mind.

How our governments and politicians lie, and lie, and lie, and how we let them.  How much damage that has done.  How much damage it still does, day after day.

I’ve been thinking to write about it, but knowing it’s another downer, and we can’t just dwell on what’s wrong because we lose hope and become numb and cynical.  It’s cynicism and numbness that creates the space for the liars.

Then a video came along, a video of a man speaking the painful truth about his country, speaking from his head and from his heart.

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