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ANU needs to be removed from day-to-day politics

More about ANU and its School of Music, this time published in the Canberra Times.

What is a university supposed to be? GEOFF DAVIES wonders if Ian Young knows

The determination of Australian National University vice-chancellor Ian Young to downgrade the School of Music leaves serious doubts that he understands what a university is. His stated reasons are still unconvincing, and leave the suspicion of an unstated agenda. The rest of ANU must be concerned.

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Saving the School of Music, and the ANU

English: ANU School of Music, LLewellyn Hall.

English: ANU School of Music, LLewellyn Hall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[Although this is a relatively local issue, it is symptomatic of the venality of the neoliberal dominance of Australia and much of the world.  The Vice Chancellor of ANU recently proposed to downgrade the School of Music from top-class performance to vocational training.  Published in City News 5 June.]

Defenders of the Australian National University School of Music have come up hard against the utilitarian attitudes of the ANU Council, which refused last week to question the Vice Chancellor’s plan to gut the School.  The Council is a politicised body, and Australian politics has itself largely lost interest in excellence.

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