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PC in the US: Comrades Ike, Abe and Dubya


[In my previous post I noted how radical is our far-right compared with a few decades ago, and how savagely they enforce political correctness.  Here is Richard Eskow at Campaign for America’s Future explaining the US equivalent.  Of course it’s more virulent in the US, and of course we follow where they go.]


A well funded network of right-wing extremists wants to make it socially and politically impossible to express the ideals that made this country great. One of those extremists appeared on their billionaire-funded network this week to attack Elizabeth Warren, and anyone else who isn’t on the far right, as a Communist.

How retro, you may be saying to yourself. They haven’t pulled that trick since the Eisenhower era.  That’s the strangest part of all this: They seem to think “Eisenhower era” is a euphemism for “Bolshevik control.”

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