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What might we be?

[This did not get a run anywhere else, Too much other commentary on Labor’s national conference, and too much spinach before desert perhaps.]

Professional, disciplined, pragmatism over purity: so enthuse the commentators about another highly-managed national Labor conference.

Don’t end the crimes against humanity being committed on Manus and Nauru, don’t bother with a human rights charter for Australia, address the housing bubble through the housing supply rather than the money supply, propose some new (but not too dramatic) policies on inequality and reconciliation, drop a few crumbs to the complainers. Don’t even think of mentioning the highly counter-productive ‘alliance’ with a rogue super-power. Global w– … what?

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Exports – Coal, Uranium or Harm Minimisation?

The Modern Labor approach to serving the workers is, it seems, to allow private enterprises, any enterprises, to create jobs, any jobs.  If the enterprises bring in export earnings that is even better.  The quality of the employment, the usefulness or otherwise of the product, the pay and conditions, or even if the work occupies more than one hour a fortnight, all of those issues are secondary.  The important things are that the unemployment statistic is kept down and that the Government can say money is flooding into the country.  Oh, and that the employers are not threatening an advertising campaign criticising the Government.

It is in this spirit that we export vast amounts of coal, though it is by far our largest contribution to global warming and our grandchildren will suffer mightily for it.

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