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Thrival Economics?  My take on our society is anchored in my analysis that reveals mainstream economics to be hopelessly misguided and misleading, and in my reading, and our widespread experience, that people are highly cooperative by nature, contrary to the prevailing neoliberal ideology of selfish competition.

Don’t Call It Inflation. … If instead we say that the cost of living has just gone up, we might decide that everyone needs to make do with a bit less. We might decide that the wealthy are fine to look after themselves but the struggling battlers could use a bit of help. We might increase welfare payments, unemployment benefits (remember those?) and the minimum wage. We might close a few gaping tax loopholes to cover the cost.

Things we should ban, right now. Why are children being imprisoned? The law of the land says children as young as ten can be ‘detained’, incarcerated, whatever euphemism you want to use for prison. When did this happen?

Jobs summit: Aren’t we capable of providing for ourselves?  If the economy needs immigrants in order for us to prosper, this implies we who already live here are not capable of looking after ourselves. That is rubbish of course. There is plenty to do and there are plenty of us wanting to do things. If the economy is struggling it must be because we are not properly organised.

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