Free Downloads of Sack the Economists

Sack the Economists can be downloaded free until 7 pm Thursday (AEDT).  That’s until 8 am Thurs UK time and midnight Wed US Pacific time.

Go to the book website .

It is generating quite a lot of interest, being re-blogged, tweeted, etc.  There’s even a Facebook page Campaign to Sack the Economists.

1 thought on “Free Downloads of Sack the Economists

  1. Thorbjørn Thiesen

    I’m a danish pensioner, who has folowed the debate pro et contra the neoliberal and mainstream policies, and from my point of view, it’s the same all over the world. The rich can buy the press, so there will be no room for critics, and that is as I see it very dangeros for the democraty. I’m given many coments to the danish debate, and promoting yor book in any occassion. I hobe to create a pressure from below, because the well offs won’t do anything to make reforms.


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