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Partisan Media, Incoherent Labor and the Rabble Clings to Power

[Published 23 May at Independent Australia.]

Take a bow, mainstream media. Your coverage was relentlessly superficial, your selection and commentary heavily biased. You studiously ignored the past six years’ record of train wrecks, extremism, incompetence, brutality and internal warring. You portrayed a one man band, a slick sloganeer, as a viable political party and the most riven, vicious and incompetent rabble since Federation has clung to power.

It is hardly a triumph, regaining minority government or the slimmest majority. The fact that the commentariat is portraying Scott Morrison as some kind of legendary hero is a measure of how low expectations for the Coalition have been, and how desperate they are to keep their man in power.

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Story For Our Future

“Story” by Julie Tucker Hughes, indigenous artist, a Kaurna/Narrunga woman, South Australia.

Let me resume this blog with a life-affirming vision.  My wish is for our descendants to live fulfilling lives into the indefinite future.  What must we accomplish, eventually, for it to be possible?  Here is an extract from my draft book Our Place (see My Books tab).  The painting is by indigenous artist Julie Tucker Hughes.  See more of her story.

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