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East Anglia Climate Science Exonerated

[21 April: a version of this has been posted at On Line Opinion.]

The committee charged with examining the quality of the climate science conducted at the University of East Anglia has found “absolutely no evidence of any impropriety whatsoever”, according to its Chairperson, Lord Oxburgh.

Accusations of fraud or scientific misconduct have been widespread since emails were illegally hacked from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit last year.  Oxburgh continued  “whatever was said in the emails, the basic science seems to have been done fairly and properly”.  The committee considered that if there had been misconducted they would very likely have found it.

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No Fraud or Misconduct in Hacked Climate Emails

Published by On Line Opinion 18 January.

report by the Pew Center on Global Climate Change finds no evidence for fraud or scientific misconduct in the emails hacked from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit.  To quote the Pew report:

“Although a small percentage of the emails are impolite and some express animosity toward opponents, when placed into proper context they do not appear to reveal fraud or other scientific misconduct by Dr. Jones or his correspondents.”

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Tony Abbott and East Anglia have not cancelled Global Warming

Published by On Line Opinion, 8 Dec.

The triumph of climate delialists in the Liberal Party and the recent unauthorised release of allegedly damaging emails from a British climate research group are being portrayed by some as the end of the global warming “conspiracy”.

However the so-called scandal of the emails is a manufactured storm in a teacup.  Anyway the evidence for human-caused global warming is far more diverse and robust than denialists make out.  In fact the latest evidence is even clearer, and more ominous.  Denialist politicians are on the wrong side of history.

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Why Did CO2 Lag Temperature During Ice Ages?

Another favourite argument of global warming sceptics is that increases of carbon dioxide (CO2) lagged increases of temperature during the ice ages, so CO2 can’t be the cause of global warming.  At first sight this seems like a very reasonable argument.  However climate scientists are not as stupid as some make them out to be.

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For Global Warming Sceptics

Scepticism about global warming continues, along with outright denial that it is caused by humans, or even that it is happening at all.  Informed debate is healthy, but much of the discussion is ill-informed, much of it addresses the wrong questions, and much of it misconceives science as a source of “proof” or “truth”.

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