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Last Call on Climate


I tried this on The Monthly magazine over a year ago, twice.  Some of it is a little dated, but the essence is not.  It covers not just the science and the economics (already unusual), but the nature and culture of science, and the feedbacks that so alarm scientists at present.  They didn’t deign even to acknowledge receipt of course.  OK, so their writing is excellent, but mine’s not so bad.  And if that’s their primary criterion then they’re only providing a form of entertainment, however sophisticated.

There is a discernible pattern in the trajectories of many vanished societies and empires.  Their lives were not long, graceful arcs with a gradual rise, a plateau and then a slow decline.  Rather, their demise was sudden, and their greatest accomplishments came just before their collapse.  The grandest Mayan temples were built near the end of the Mayan civilisation.  The pattern of such societies was acceleration into sudden disaster.

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Nuclear power: UDDELI unjustified

Professor Leslie Kemeny’s nuclear spruiking regularly appears in Australian newspapers. Readers might take note of the acronym UDDELI, which stands for Unnecessary, Dirty, Dangerous, Expensive, Late and Insufficient. This can provide some balance to the very narrow view offered by Professor Kemeny, whose undoubted expertise on the technicalities of nuclear power is offset by an apparent near-total ignorance of other options.

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