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Visionless Rudd Doesn’t Want to Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

The most telling part of the Rudd Government’s “deferral” of efforts to reduce Australia’s greenhouse emissions is that it won’t even look at the issue again until 2012.  In other words, it is unlikely Labor will actually do anything in its next term, even though it leaves open the suggestion it might do something in 2013.

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Greenhouse Accomplishments – Illiteracy, Myopia, Denial

The way global warming and our efforts to stop it have been discussed in this critical Parliamentary week tells a sorry tale of Australian society’s scientific illiteracy, myopia and psychological denial.

According to global warming sceptics and denialists, climate scientists are variously really stupid, prone to irrational herd behaviour, egotists pushing barrows, trying to feather their nests, or all of the above.  According to the media they are apparently nerdy pains whose gloomy message is easily trumped by serious, reality-based political dramas.  According to politicians they are another interest group to be placated.  According to the Prime Minister they are radical greens.

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Climate Urgency and Opportunity

[This was sent to the Canberra Times Tuesday.  I’ve been busy with my day job for a while, but expect I’ll get more posts up here from now on.]

The Government fails completely to grasp the urgency of the global warming situation.  This is obvious every time it speaks about climate.  Its views on the economic effect of emission reductions are dominated by those of the polluter industries, and fail completely to take account of the new industries that could and should be developing to replace them.  These failures are fundamental failures of leadership, and the failures are critical, because they threaten Austalia’s future, and the future of industrial civilisation.

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