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If you want a better deal, change your vote

[A by-election will be held in my electorate of Eden-Monaro 4 July. This and some likely subsequent posts are in this context, intended for local media—but relevant more widely. Published 17 June at District Bulletin.]

Karen Porter

If you vote the same you’ll get the same. Don’t expect much to change if the old parties stay in power. The Coalition is good at promising but not so good at delivering. That’s because they don’t really believe in government services, they think you should fend for yourself. Labor, with its usual daring, is being Liberal Lite.

So don’t expect much help with bushfire recovery. Don’t expect much to be done to avert more catastrophes. Don’t even expect much help if the virus killed your livelihood, if you vote for the same-old.

In this by-election there are some real choices, choices that can move us towards a better, fairer Australia – more like we used to be, actually. So now I’m going to suggest you step away from your old tribe and have a look at some new talent. Do you really have much to lose?

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Reclaiming Democracy

[Extract from the closing chapter of The Nature of the Beast.]

We in the Western democracies smugly act as if we are the culmination of political evolution.  Yes, history is dominated by authoritarian rule, many despotic and a few wiser and more benevolent.  However, since “we” invented modern representative democracy none of that applies.  The people rule, we assure each other, and democracy is spreading around the world.

Except of course that every advance in democracy has been resisted, sidestepped and undermined by those who want the world to be their servant.

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