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Immigration imposes a large net cost, and should be reduced

[I’ve posted on this before, but the issue keeps coming up.]

Jane O’Sullivan https://theconversation.com/profiles/jane-osullivan-1809

The dramatic drop in immigration because of the Covid-19 closure of our borders is causing concern among advocates of a high immigration rate, who claim it is essential to the economy. But there is a widely-overlooked and very large cost.

Discussing immigration in Australia is fraught, with any questioning of policy likely to generate outrage and to be labelled racist, populist, nationalist and an assault on Australia’s economy. All of that has followed Labor spokesperson Kristina Keneally’s rather mild suggestion that total numbers of immigrants ought to be lowered after the coronavirus shutdown, especially of temporary immigrants.

The rather hysterical response is partly just over-reaction, partly confected by those who support massive immigration, and partly reflecting common economic furphies.

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Slow Growth

[The following was published as a Letter to the Editor in the Canberra Times, 19th March.  It has generated a bit of comment, so I thought I’d post it here too.]

[Update 24 March:  I will add relevant Letters to Ed to the Comments here as they appear in the paper.]

Canberrans will be worse off if Canberra grows rapidly, as the growth boosters want.  Much of the amenity we enjoy will be lost to crowding, congestion and outdated infrastructure.  Much of the amenity we had has already been lost.  Civic is already lost, transformed from people-friendly plazas to glass boxes with managed artificial environments.

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