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The Lost Left and the Way Forward

[This piece was prompted by Has the Left Surrendered? by Richard Eskow on Campaign for America’s Future, a good source of sensible US commentary.  His article was in turn prompted by Nothing Left: The Long, Slow Surrender of American Liberals by Adolph Reed Jr in Harper’s magazine. ]

trickle-downThe political parties of the Left, in the US, UK and Australia, lost their way when they swallowed the free-market mantra.  They became merely neoliberalism-lite.  They implemented the market-fundamentalist program, and then applied bandaids to the wounds thus inflicted.  They yielded the initiative, became defensive and reactive, and were steadily pushed, dragged and wedged ever-further to the right.  They are now well to the right of the conservative parties of four or five decades ago.  The former-left parties are now a huge impediment to real progressive politics, entrenched in that political space but betraying it on a daily basis.

Despite continuing soul-searching among those who recognised and deplored this process, there has yet to emerge any unifying alternative, beyond a catalogue of the many disparate social and environmental causes and groups that attempt to continue, with diminishing success, the old Left’s concern for ordinary people and their world.  Indeed no alternative can emerge unless and until the core meme of neoliberalism is confronted.

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