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Losing Now, Winning Later?

I have plugged along with trying to get my message out for many years now.  I created this blog over three years ago so my deathless prose wouldn’t just vanish into the aether, and have slowly built a modest following for it, getting occasional pieces published in more public places along the way.

This past week I have had an episode of doubt, including feeling depressed for a day and a longer surge of bodily stress indicators.  This was triggered by a confluence of events that I’ll get to.  The result is I’m not sure it is worth the effort and aggravation – the effort to provide an alternative to failed mainstream economics, to raise awareness about global warming, and to maintain a voice of informed decency amid the growing cacophony of brutish, ignorant ranting.  The aggravation of feeling ground is being lost.   Perhaps I should reduce my aggravation level by stepping back and letting things flow for a time.

I am writing this because I don’t mind connecting with you at a personal level, but also to suggest that if you think you see worthwhile things here then perhaps you could help to spread the word, or make serious suggestions to that end.  More about that below.

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