Update on global temperature

A couple of graphs show the extraordinary nature of the present situation.



1998 used to be one of the biggest outliers from the general trend. 2016 is going way beyond that. The second graph shows the deviation from the recent trend more clearly:


It seems the recent 3-year increase, by about 0.36°C, is unprecedented in the 136-year record.

The obfuscators/deniers loved to start their graphs at 1998 to “prove” there was no subsequent global warming. It always was a blatant distortion. There never was a pause. Even if it had been a pause, it was still much hotter than pre-industrial temperatures. Now it is blown out of the water. Conspiracy is the only resort.

Original Figure here.

7 thoughts on “Update on global temperature

  1. Terry

    The ultimate response to the Deniers Brigade is:
    If you are wrong we all cook!
    If we are wrong we have created a few jobs without much future.
    Now you want to think about this again? Including you Donald Trump?

  2. don owers

    Let us suppose for a moment that we are wrong, warming wasn’t happening but we went ahead and got rid of fossil fuels. Expensive? well no, the health costs of coal use alone would pay for the transition and we would have oceans at constant Ph without threat to marine life.

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    1. Geoff Davies Post author

      No, hadn’t seen that, thanks Fred. Actually I eased off commenting on global warming a while back, figuring plenty of others have it covered. I can focus more on things others are not covering.


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