Countering neoliberalism: A new life for Labor?

[A variation of The Lost Left, published today at Independent Australia.]

The way forward for progressives is to argue against the self-serving neoliberal ideology of the fatcat and for prudent and sensible management of the markets, writes Dr Geoff Davies.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten saysLabor needs new policies.

He’s not wrong there.

For three decades, while Labor has focussed on being merely a slightly paler imitation of the Coalition, its membership has plummeted, inequality has risen, it has repeatedly capitulated to wealthy bullies and, it seems, there is no policy too degrading for it to adopt as it races the Coalition into the depths of fear and negativity.

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6 thoughts on “Countering neoliberalism: A new life for Labor?


    Put this up in NatCAN please Geoff but spell ‘Labour’ with a ‘u’.
    Cheers, Joe.
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  2. Dino

    Hey Geoff,
    I am abusing your website.
    Wish you well and hope to meet you one day.

  3. Dino

    Consider me blocked.
    Like the Theory Of Gravity.
    Better block that stuff from here.
    Harp on about Climate Change and Economics Geoff.
    WTC 7 collapsed cause of ‘Thermal Expansion’.
    Sure it did.

    Good luck with ‘Science’ and the convincing of the public.
    When obvious flaws exist why would you believe any liars or people who choose to omit the Elephant in the room?

  4. Anthony Zappia

    Hi Geoff, totally agree with what you say, but what happens when social democratic/left wing parties right around the world have been ‘bought out’ by the business elite? This is a phenomenon that is not unique to Australia. In a sense, we no longer live in a democracy but in a two (or three) headed one party state. Are you familiar with Bill Mitchell? Check out his post on this subject: “the demise of social democratic parties: they’re all neo-liberals now”
    How do we re-take control of our political system?


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